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Yumeyakata Maiko Makeover Booking Form

(For appointment dated more than 3 days ahead)
For appointments dated within coming 3 days, please phone us directly. TEL: 075-354-9110
※Maiko or Geiko Makeover is for female only.Please contact us in advance if request otherwise.
※Please contact us at least one day in advance of your appointed day if you need to cancel your reservation.

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Maiko Makeover
Geiko Makeover
Kyoto-style Geiko Makeover
Couple's Maiko Makeover
Couple's Geiko Makeover
Kyoto-style Couple's Geiko Makeover
Maiko & Geiko Double Makeover Plans
Maiko Makeover for Kids

【As for the hairdo for kids】

The "Maiko Makeover for Kids" plan includes a hairstyling charge, but if a size S wig can fit the kid, a "Maiko Makeover Plan" is also available. ★The kid's hair must be at least 5- cm-under-earlobe long.
Charged Options

Half Wig
※This option is only for Maiko Makeover
※Customer's hair must be long enough for this option. Please confirm with staff when you come to the store.

Men's Hakama ※An extra charge will apply

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※Available at 14:00, 15:00 or 16:00 only. Please contact us if request otherwise.
※Closed during 31st/Dec ~ 3rd/Jan
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