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Yumeyakata - Location Photo Plan - Booking Form

【Location Photo Plan - Regarding The Deposit】

When you make an appointment of Yumeyakata's Location Photo Plan, a deposit equal to a 20% of the package price will be invoiced through e-mail after your reservation is confirmed. Payment is acceptable by credit card only, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
※The price is for a Location Photo Plan only, which may vary by the package.
※If the photo shoot is cancelled due to severe weather conditions or force of nature, we will return the deposit in cash.
※In case that we do not receive your payment or any contacts before due, the location photo plan will be cancelled. Your appointment of kimono rental, on the other hand, will remain as booked. If the appointment is confirmed at 9:00AM, an early morning charge at 1000yen/person will incur once the location photo plan is cancelled.

【Regarding the deposit refund when a Location Photo Plan is cancelled】

We will return the deposit if the cancellation occurs within 30 days from the date of your reservation confirmed and more than 7 days before the reserved date. A reservation is considered a no-show if we are not notified a cancellation prior to the reserved day. The deposit cannot be returned for a no-show.
* Essential Information
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Gojo Main Shop  Oike Bettei Shop
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※Sometimes our e-mail will be sorted into a SPAM mailbox.
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Please include the the country code. eg. +852(Hong Kong) +65(Singapore) +60(Malaysia) +66 (Thailand) +62 (Indonesia) +61(Australia) +63(the Philippines)
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500yen discount if you leave a comment for us on web after having photo location session!
Location Photo Plan *

Short Time Pacakge

Short Time Gion Pacakge (abt 1 hr)*to 28 Feb 2018*
A professional outdoor photo shoot session. The costume is charged separately.

Location photo Pacakge

Sennyu-ji Pacakge
Daikakuji Temple & Sagano Package (abt 4 hrs)*Package available until 31st May 2018.*
Taianen Package A. Special Lunch Course
Taianen Package B. Cafe Course
Gion Package
Higashiyama Package
Higashiyama Gion Package
Arashiyama Package
South Higashiyama Pacakge
Shousei-en Garden Package
Tofukuji Temple Package*Not available from November 1st to December 15.*
Bishamondo Temple Package

One-day or half-day Location photo Pacakge

Location Photo Full Day Package
One-Day Location Photo Plan(3 Locations Package)
half-Day Location Photo Plan(photoshoot starts in the morning)
half-Day Location Photo Plan(photoshoot starts in the afternoon)

Souvenir photography

Souvenir photography [Gion](3shots)
*Please make an appointment at 9:00~16:00

Anniversary Photo Plan

Anniversary Photo Plan
*Please designate a photographer (the designation fee is included in the package price).

【Special Oike Bettei】Photoshoot in Oike Bettei (indoor only)

【Special Oike Bettei】Photoshoot in Oike Bettei (indoor only)
»Other Expenses
Costume Plan *
【Gojo Main Shop】Kimono Rental Plan
【Oike Bettei Shop】Kimono Rental - Original Style
【Oike Bettei Shop】Otona Plan - 《Poly Small Crest》
【Oike Bettei Shop】Otona Plan - 《Silk(pongee)》
【Oike Bettei Shop】Otona Plan - 《Wearing a modern silk usually》

Premium Plan
Classic Furisode
Men's Montsuki Hsakama
Women's Houmongi
3-year-old Hifu Kimono
7-year-old Yotsumi Kimono
5-year-old Boy's Hakama
Junior Furisode
Furisode - Light Edition (arranged with half-width Hanhaba Obi)

Hakama Plan
Hakama Plan

Summer Exclusive - Yukata (Summer Only May 12~Sept 10,2018)
Yukata Rental Plan
Yukata Sale Plan (Sale/Fukubukuro)
Yukata "Fukubukuro" Lucky Bag Purchase
※Summer exclusive purchase package, available during June ~ early September. » Catalogue
※Because the lucky bag are also sold in store, some yukata may be sold out. (売切=sold out, のみ=only)
※Reserve by informing Item No. & Size (eg. No.1316「赤 朝顔」 F Size)

Specify your outfits if you don't hire costumes.
Photo Shoot Without Rental

※Please inform what type of wear you will be dressed for the photo shoot. (eg: your own furisode or Western dresses)
※If you to be dressed in your own kimonos, an extra dressing charge will apply.
Appointment Date & Time *
1st Priority:
2nd Priority:

※You can also come at 10:00~12:00, but please come back to the store or meet the photographer at the location at 14:30. Please inform at the note box if you prefer so.
※As for Gion Evening Package, because the shoot starts at 17:00, please arrive store by 15:00. You can come earlier but please meet the photographer at the location. Please inform at the note box if you prefer so.
※As for Pre-Wedding Location Photo Plan and Maiko Location Photo Plan, please come to the store at 9:00 or 12:00. Please inform at the note box if you prefer so.
※We are closed during 31st/Dec~3rd/Jan. Calendar.

People *
: / cm, cm, cm, cm
: / cm, cm, cm, cm

Total Number of People 

※For 5 to 7 people, an added charge equal to 1.5 x package price will apply. For 8 to 10 people, an added charge equal to 2 x package price will apply. (If your group is more than 10 people, please contact us.)
Long & Short 8 Styles Hairstyling ¥1500/person
Customized Hairstyling ¥3000/person
※Japanese traditional hairstyling (¥5000, tax excl.) is also available but only with a reservation. Please request on note box.
Make Up ¥3000/person
Hard or Soft Copy ¥1500/pose
Hard + Soft Copy ¥2000/pose
Design Album ¥59,500~

5,000yen discount for booking in Advance! More

Photographer Designation
  • ◆The photographer designation fee is different depending on the photographer. Please see the different designation fees here.
  • ◆Proposal Location Photo Package: the photographer designation fee is already included in the package price.
  • ※If the designated photographer is not available for the shoot because of any unforeseen circumstances, another photographer will execute the shoot for you and the designation fee will be returned.
Coupon code:
Guest List & Note

※In order to save your time at the reception, please provide the list of your members like the following:
eg. Jane Smith (woman, with or without hair, height/cm), Marc Banks (man, height/cm)

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Other Expenses

  • ※Admission fee not included.
  • ※Transportation by taxi only. Taxi fare not included. Customers shall bear the taxi fare for departure. (If you meet with the photographer at the location directly, the customers shall bear the taxi fare for the photographer as well.)
  • ※Under poor weather conditions, the shoot may be cancelled.
  • ※The time required means the time from departure until end of shoot. No early morning charge is required (at 9:00AM) if you reserve for a location photo shoot.
  • ※The price shown is for a group of no more than 4 people only. For 5 to 7 people, an added charge equal to 1.5 x package price will apply. For 8 to 10 people, an added charge equal to 2 x package price will apply. (If your group is more than 10 people, please contact us)
»Location Photo Plan