Jelajahi Kyoto Sambil Mengenakan Kimono!!! Dapatkan harga spesial dengan melakukan pemesanan sekarang. Kimono 2500 yen/orang. Yumeyakata, Kyoto Rental Kimono (Indonesia)


Kyoto Kimono Rental YUMEYAKATA


kimono rental


​Maiko Location Photography

● Regarding The Deposit
When you make an appointment of Yumeyakata's Location Photo Plan, a deposit equal to a 20% of the package price will be billed. An Invoice will be issued through e-mail after your reservation is confirmed. Payment is acceptable by credit card only, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
※If the photo shoot is cancelled due to severe weather conditions or force of nature, we will return the deposit in cash.
● Be on time
Punctuality is essential. If you are late for the appointment, the photo shoot may be cancelled.
※ Please decide the appointment time at 9:00 or 12:00
● Transportation by taxi only
4 people(include a photographer and an assistant)can get in a taxi. If there are more than 5 people, we will arrange for another taxi. However only one taxi fare is included the package. Please inquire if you have more than 3 people.
● Rainy day
The photo shoot will be cancelled on rainy day. Please consult with the photographer if unsure.

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Pilihan Harga
Men's Hakama
2,500(belum termasuk pajak)
USB memory
1,000(belum termasuk pajak)
Foto Studio
1,500(belum termasuk pajak)
Preparation photos
3,000(belum termasuk pajak)
Take photo during makeup and dressing. We highly recommend this option to who make an album.
59,500(belum termasuk pajak)~
20page:59,500(belum termasuk pajak)+international postal fee
30page:79,500(belum termasuk pajak)+international postal fee