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Let's take a leisurely stroll with dressing Japanese traditional kimono (yukata in summer) in Kyoto! Yumeyakata chose the best kimono for rental, to enrich your travel memory with the beautiful colors. Services of Yumeyakata include hair styling, photographing and kimono dressing. There are kimono for the male, female and kid. Therefore, we welcome a family as well as a couple. Let's experience the dressing kimonn together! Yumeyakata has everything you need for kimono so it's no problem that you can come here by empty-handed.

Reservations Situation on weekends during February 2015....We are also open on weekdays!
…Time slots at 9:00 & 9:30 will incur an extra 1,000 yen/person (exclusive of tax) for early morning
…Available …Fully Booked …Not available for hairstyling while still available for kimono dressing

Term From the middle of June to beginning of September
Yukata rental 3500yen(w/out tax)...Couple yukata rental 6500yen(w/out tax)...One-layered summer Kimono. We recommend the Buyable Plan for souvenirs.Let's go out to the festivals or the fireworks with wearing Yukata in summer.

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Kyoto Higashiyama Hanatoro 2015
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