Let’s stroll Kyoto with wearing kimono! Half price campaigning now 3500 yen/person (yukata 3500 yen/person)Empty-handed OK


Kyoto Kimono Rental YUMEYAKATA


To the customer who use kimono rental in 9th Aug:For our in-house training, please return your rented kimono until 18:00 on the day.

Wearing traditional costumes, such as kimonos or yukatas, while strolling historical and picturesque streets has become a trend when sightseeing in Kyoto. It is an authentic cultural experience that will unexpedtedly leave you with many beautiful photos and memories not easily forgotten. Yumeyakata is one of the biggest kimono rental shops in Kyoto. We provide kimonos for rent not only for ladies but also for men and children so that the whole family can enjoy the experience together. We can provide all the items you need to wear kimono, so just bring yourself! Our shop is only 10 minutes from famous sightseeing spots like Gion, Kiyomizu Temple and Kyoto Station.

kimono rental

Kimono Rental campaign by reservation. Let's take a leisurely stroll dressing Japanese traditional kimono in Kyoto!


Premium Plan

location photo

Location Photo Plan ¥22,000~

Japanese Pre-Wedding

Japanese Pre-Wedding

2016 Gion Matsuri Festival

Pick Up

premium plan
hakama option
Maiko Makeover ¥8,500 (w/out tax)~
maiko photo
Evening of the seventh
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Summer-only plan

from Jun. 1 through Sep. 10 of 2016
Yukata rental 3500yen(w/out tax)...Couple yukata rental 6500yen(w/out tax)...One-layered summer Kimono. We recommend the Buyable Plan for souvenirs.Let's go out to the festivals or the fireworks with wearing Yukata in summer.

Female Yukata Rental ¥3,500 (w/out tax) / Male Yukata Rental ¥3,500 (w/out tax) / Yukata Sale Plan ¥5,900 (w/out tax)~
Yukata Rental for a couple ¥6,500 (w/out tax)
yukata present
A brand-new Yukata will be a gift yor all females, on Kyoto's biggest events of summer, Gion Festival .